CONGRATULATIONS TO DELIVERUS: And the winner of +254 Rising is Deliverus - an app that deals with delivering common household items used on a day to day basis. It involves buying and delivery of goods from normal kiosks and grocers with in a 5km radius of the user, then the goods are delivered by cyclers for a small fee. Deliverus wins US$5,000 startup funds and six months of incubation at the iHub startup incubator!
What is +254 Rising?
+254 Rising is an startup pitch competition organized by Affinis Labs and hosted by iHub in Nairobi to highlight new African entrepreneurs & startups.
Kenyan entrepreneurs have embodied a core value of entrepreneurship: empowerment. And for every rising entrepreneur, there are thousands of other youth with the potential to build businesses, create jobs, and help their communities. The challenges are great, but the potential is greater.
What is the background of +254 Rising?
We believe that youth entrepreneurs in Africa have the talent, creativity, and passion needed to drive significant economic growth across the continent. To help support this growth, Affinis Labs is running a series of hackathons throughout Africa, focused on catalyzing youth-led startups with the potential to create jobs. We started in Kampala in January 2016 with +256 Rising, resulting in three startups that will launch in the coming weeks, and we are now working to support youth entrepreneurs in Kenya as well.
Scenes from the +256 Rising hackathon, held in Kampala, Uganda in January 2016

Kenya has emerged as a leader in the African tech movement, with strong opportunities for youth entrepreneurs. The country has already produced a number of heavy hitting platforms and companies, including M-PESA, Ushahidi, and iHub, which a Tech Crunch article credited with giving rise “to Africa’s innovation center movement.” The technology economy is growing (almost 1/3 of GDP in Kenya is spent using mobile devices, for example), and government investment in building Konza Technology City (estimated cost = US$14.5b) signals that the country is in the tech game to win.
How does +254 Rising work?
+254 Rising is an startup pitch competition in Nairobi designed to support the next generation of Kenyan startups (+254 is the country phone code for Kenya). On August 23, 2016 at the iHub startup incubator in Nairobi, teams of talented young Kenyan entrepreneurs will compete against each other to showcase their innovative ideas. The teams, which were selected from dozens of qualified applicants, have been working hard on their concepts; being advised by mentors from places like Silicon Valley; building and refining their prototypes; and will pitch their business ideas to a judging panel, live audience, and online crowd. The winning team will receive US$5K for seed funding and six months of mentorship and training at the iHub startup incubator in Nairobi.
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